Conflictfood is cultivating peace!

We are looking for the best traditional agricultural products in conflict-stricken regions of our world.

Direct and fair trade with small-scale farmers strengthens local structures. Fairly rewarding the people for their work.

With each bought product you support an educational project in the country of origin.

Conflictfood brings long-lasting and peaceful perspective. Join us and make your contribution so people don’t have to leave their beloved country.

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Conflictfood – Behind the scenes:

Our latest event: Klub Kabul 


It’s almost autumn – time for golden, saffron flavored Cauliflower florets!

Fall is almost here! This delicious and super easy recipe, using our glamourous Conflictfood Saffron, brings the beautiful golden autumn colors to your plate..


It’s a long road to democracy for Myanmar

Myanmar, the land of the golden temples and the red robes. The nation in the heart of South-East Asia has a mysterious reputation that precedes it.


Bring the sunshine on your plate with this delicious Saffron-Orange-Hummus!

Brewing tea is very easy, but did you know that you can also use tea for cooking? This easy vinaigrette recipe will blow your mind and introduce you to the varied use of tea leaves…

ConflictFood-Afghanistan (1)

Silkroad’s bright spot

An exotic spice, worth almost as much as gold, no wonder there is more cheating going on in saffron than almost any other product.

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