Conflictfood is cultivating peace!

We are looking for the best traditional agricultural products in conflict-stricken regions of our world.

Direct and fair trade with small-scale farmers strengthens local structures. Fairly rewarding the people for their work.

With each bought product you support an educational project in the country of origin.

Conflictfood brings long-lasting and peaceful perspective. Join us and make your contribution so people don’t have to leave their beloved country.

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A little tea lore

What do black, green, white and oolong tea have in common? You guessed right, they all come from the same plant, called Camellia Sinensis!


Chocolate Chip Freekies

Conflictfood would like to let you know that these chocolate freekies are nutty and delicious, your roommate could easily finish them before you!


Fotoausstellung “Faces of Afghanistan”

In der Fotoausstellung “Faces of Afghanistan” bringen die drei Künstler*innen Rada Akbar, Christina Feldt und Gernot Würtenberger besondere Momente voller Lebensfreude inmitten des afghanischen Alltags vor die Linse.


Milli Bau – mit dem VW-Bus alleine entlang der Seidenstraße

Die Abenteuererin Milli Bau reiste in den 1950ern alleine mit ihrem VW Bus und ihrer Kamera und machte dabei auch Stop in Afghanistan – das Herz der Seidenstraße.

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