Conflictfood is cultivating peace.

From the conflict regions of the world, Conflictfood brings the best traditional agricultural products to your table, while strengthening local structures and offering a peaceful future.

Through fair and direct trade with small farmer cooperatives in conflict-stricken countries, products such as spices, dried fruits or oils are purchased and brought to Berlin. They are then packaged in a workshop by people with disabilities into an attractively designed packaging.With every product comes a brochure about the country, conflict and the people living there. Our website and blog is a hub for acquiring further information and fostering a dialogue. We offer the blog and our social media as platforms to engage the public in a discussion.

In addition, 1 Euro from each purchase goes to a social institution in the country of product’s origin. This is visited by us personally and the cash flow is documented transparently.By purchasing any Conflictfood product you can actively contribute to making the world a little more peaceful.

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