An artist on the trigger: A capture of hope and reality.

An extraordinary woman capturing vitality and hope in a country, shaped by violence and darkness over their daily lives.

Rada Akbar, Colorful LifeIt is about self-expression, telling a story and reflecting a country’s hope.

Until 2001, photographic art from Afghanistan can hardly be found. The expression of identity, culture and history through photography was banned with the rule of the Taliban. Now, free journalism and photography is a new and fresh movement in Afghanistan, telling the story of a country. Whereas media only selects newsworthy occurrences, a great part of the country, like its culture, life and cordiality, stays hidden from the rest of the world. Her pictures tell her story and the one of a whole country.

„I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel.“

Rada Akbar, Carpet WeavingRada Akbar was born in Afghanistan. After starting her carrier as a painting artist, she soon devoted herself to her camera and her current project: Capturing people’s daily life in Afghanistan. Constantly looking for a new approach to convey her feelings, she started portraying Afghan reality. It its not only about art, it is about making people feel the soul of her pictures.

She captures the vitality of people living in Afghanistan, presenting a fascinating world full of colours and joy and at the same time she displays the dark, political situation and its violence. Rada Akbar uses photography as a medium to attract attention to the situation in Afghanistan and to fight it.Rada Akbar, The boy with the gunWorking as in independent woman in Afghanistan is not easy and comes along with provocations and hostilities. The Taliban restricted women’s rights strongly. Women had great difficulties attending schools and university. A lot of women were not even allowed to work. Especially because of this extreme imprint of past years, Rada Akbar wants to show today’s society what Afghan women are capable of. She wants to be a role model to show that women can pursue their career. Her hope for a better future is what keeps her moving, despite the complicated and abstruse situation at this very moment.Rada Akbar, Girl stands outside of the ruined busRada Akbar, FootballersWall  Art from Afghanistan!

Rada Akbar’s pictures can be found on national and international exhibitions. You can buy a selection of her most beautiful pictures, including those from this article, on Photocircle.Just like Conflictfood, Photocircle sets high social standards. The unique concept of Photocircle is about rewarding those who make the picture extraordinary. With each picture purchased, up to 50% of the total price goes back to a development project in the region the picture was taken. This way we can enjoy incredible art and make an important contribution to those deserving it!Rada Akbar, After school timeRada Akbar was born in 1988 in Afghanistan. She is a photographer, documenting the daily life of people in Afghanistan. She produced two documentaries to call attention to the great difficulties for women living in Afghanistan. In 2009 one of her movies, “Shattered Hopes”, was even selected for the Panorama Hindukusch-Filmfestival in Cologne. 

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