Let’s make Freesotto!


How did you like our saffron risotto? For the preparation last time we used risotto rice.

To cook Freesotto we do it differently: Instead of rice, we use Freekeh! It is a Syrian and Palestinian specialty, green harvested wheat roasted over open fire. Unfortunately it is not well known in Europe and not easy to get – yet! Conflictfood brings this special antique rain of organic quality from Palestine to Europe.The Conflictfood team invited three friends today: Kavita, founder of Street Food Thursday at Martkhalle Neun in Berlin and her husband Thilo, as well as Somar, a genius cook from the café-restaurant Prachtsaal in Neukölln.

Together we prepared, cut, stirred and enjoyed our food. What a nice evening. Don’t miss out on that! No hesitation needed – just do it! And the best thing: We show you step by step how you can enjoy delicious risotto with Freekeh –Freesotto – together with your friends!

What you need for Freesotto:


500 g freekeh

100 g butter or olive oil

200 g onions

500 g champignons

50 g parsley

200 ml vegetable stock

Salt and pepper for seasoning

And if you like, Parmesan



Let’s get started by boiling one litre of water in a big pot and add a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil. Meanwhile, put the raw Freekeh grain on a smooth and bright underlay and have a closer look. Sometimes there are a few little stones hiding in between. Unfortunately, lots of times this cannot be avoided during the production process. If you find one, just take it out.

As soon as the water starts boiling, stir in half a kilo of Freekeh, cover the pot and let it boil for about 30 minutes.

Now it is time to start cutting vegetables. Take the onions first: cut them into little dices and place them in a frying pan with olive oil. Add the roughly chopped mushrooms and let it sweat briefly until the liquid evaporates. The next step is to fold in the Freekeh and the finely chopped parsley. While stirring constantly, we add vegetable stock until the consistency becomes nice and creamy.

If you like, you can add some butter and Parmesan. But if you prefer a vegan dish, you just skip those ingredients. A bit more of stock makes the consistency nice and smooth.

In the end, season the Freesotto with salt and pepper and voilà – your delicious dish is ready to be served!

The team from Conflictfood wishes you Guten Appetit!

Here you can buy our Freekeh

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