Conflictfood – the concept


Cultivating peace!

From the conflict regions of the world, Conflictfood brings the best traditional agricultural products to your table, while strengthening local structures and offering a peaceful future.

Through fair and direct trade with small farmer cooperatives in conflict-stricken countries, products such as spices, dried fruits or oils are purchased and brought to Berlin. They are then packaged in a workshop by people with disabilities into an attractively designed packaging.

With every product comes a brochure about the country, conflict and the people living there. Our website and blog is a hub for acquiring further information and fostering a dialogue. We offer the blog and our social media as platforms to engage the public in a discussion.

Investing in education!

A part of the selling price of each product goes to social and educational projects in the country of origin, which we chose carefully. These are visited by us personally and the cash flow is documented transparently on our website.

Join our mission!

You can be a part of it from the very start. On our blog you’ll find information about countries and conflicts. You will meet inspiring people from all over the world and find out what makes them tick.

We want to grow steadily, finance the next quest through crowdfunding and thus support coffee farmers in Yemen, organic olive producers in Palestine and salt cooperatives in Ethiopia.

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Direct Trade

Fair trade is based on equal partners who trust and value each other. After we careful examination, we only trade directly with selected small farmers and agricultural cooperatives – there are no other intermediaries.

Moreover, we personally assure that the money is transferred to the people who earned and need it.

Direct trade not only makes it possible to pay farmers fair wages, it also triggers an increase of value added to the production of the whole region.

The Best From Every Region

Careful research, numerous conversations, constant contact, regional know how and of course some tastings on the spot: We are searching for the best regional delicacies from conflict regions.

We want to support special delicacies that the farmers are proudly producing and that are already highly valued far beyond regional borders.

Responsibility for Sustainability

All together we are responsible to make sure that sustainability is more than an empty promise. Our consumer behaviour makes a difference!

As entrepreneurs we view it as our duty to only trade environmentally and socially sustainable products. We want to guarantee a Good Manufacturing Practice.

Finally, we also encourage policy makers to set up effective regulations.

Total Transparency

It is a matter truly dear to our heart to guarantee total transparency in all our sectors.

Personally, we travel to the farmers and join them during harvest season. We show you where our products come from, how they are produced and how we actually spend your money.

Telling the Different Stories

We put emphasis on the producers and the countries of origin of our products.

We are showing another side of the conflict regions transcending dominant negative media images – it’s all about the fertile potentials, cultural diversity as well as the courage and creativity of the people.

We want to open up a dialogue that includes those whose voices usually would not be heard.

Investing in Education

Children are our future. Therefore their education is one of the most sustainable projects that a society can invest into – but only if there are any sources of funding.

We are investing a share of our sales revenues in educational projects at our partner countries. Carefully, we select these projects and personally convince ourselves about their standards.

With buying our products you are investing into a peaceful future!

The Joy of Pleasure

Our concept is two folded: we aim to comply with a critical approach but we also think that the pleasures of life shouldn’t be neglected.

We love the simple joys, like the sharing of culinary treats and the celebration of hearty hospitality.

Exactly, this positive attitude towards life is what we are experiencing during our travels and now we want to share it with you!

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