Afghan Curiosities Vol. 2

Conflictfood wants to show you another side of the conflict regions transcending dominant negative media images.

With our series Curiosities we regularly offer you exciting, amusing and bizarre information from all walks of live of our partner countries. You can read Volume 1 here.

Volume two tells you more about Afghan culture, cash and communication. Curious? Well, then you have to keep reading.

Did you know that Afghans are so to speak the innovators of poetry slam?

Poetry and poems play an essential part in Afghan culture. For thousands of years, Afghans have told their extraordinary stories by the use of poetic rhymes.

Ever since people in Herat would gather – men, women and children – to exchange old and modern stories until late at night, listening to traditional music of the Herati music, enjoying sweet tea and delicious pastries. Poetry Slam at it’s best!

Did you know the difference between Afghans and Afghanis?

A variety of different ethnic groups live in Afghanistan. But how to call them? Be careful – not Afghanis! Afghanis is the Afghan currency! 100 Afghanis are about 1,40 Euros, with which you can buy a handful of delicate almonds.

By the way – cents don’t exist in this currency. The smallest monetary unit is called pulse. Considering the current disastrous economic situation, this term seems to describe it perfectly – unfortunately a large part of the population lives on the “pulse of time”.

It’s ringing! Did you know how many Afghans are tethered to their phones?

Approximately 90 percent of the population owes a cellphone. At the same time, the share of the Afghan population with regular access to electricity is one of the lowest worldwide! Even the Taliban use Skype via their cell phones. Just like everywhere else in the world, the mobile network has changed the Afghan daily culture. Cell phones are considered a status icon – with the right amount of money you can obtain an individual phone number. For instance, you can choose the letters of your name or pick your personal lucky number. Conflictfood’s number would be: 73223, P-E-A-C-E!

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