With the purchase of every Conflictfood product not only do you support direct and fair trade, but also with a percentage of the selling price educational projects in the partner’s countries.

winters for the children at “Paiwand-e-Noor” in Kabul

In autumn 2016 we were able to bring the first percentage of donation to our partner educational institution in Afghanistan. It is a beautiful feeling to know that the money is directly transferred to a place where it is really needed and valued. Many times you ask yourself if your donation actually gets to the intended places, or if its rather used in other dubious ways. But, we proudly announce that your donation arrived where it was supposed to arrive. With the money we bought firewood and a boiler – that was also connected to the water supply. Surprisingly, in the winters in Kabul the temperatures fall to minus degrees Celsius. There is an Afghan saying that: Let Kabul be without gold, but not without snow.Thus, the Heating with firewood is a possibility to escape the cold – nevertheless a quite expensive one. Most houses don’t have central heating, only rich people can afford this luxury. That is why, our financial contribution was tremendously important. Together with the director of the orphanage we decided to invest into firewood because the cold season had already begun.

Together we bought the wood, brought it to the orphanage and stored it in a shed. Afterwards we saw many happy faces – a virtue in a country where there is not much to laugh about right now.

Little Surprise

This time we prepared a little surprise for each kid:  We handed out pictures we took at our last visit. The kids quickly started to compare their own pictures, show them proudly or started to exchange some… .They really had great fun that day!

Big “Thank You”!

In the name of the girls and boy of the orphanage „Paiwand-e-Noor“ we want to thank all of our supporters wholeheartedly!

You want to support these boys and girls in Kabul as well?

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