Saffron lemonade – a return of summer with every sip

Let’s make saffron lemonade!


Saffron in your lemonade? Oh yes! With this easy and brilliant recipe we created a real summer hit in our office. The sirup is prepared quickly and you can fill it up with still and sparkling water – whatever you like.

This Indian inspired drink is fruity and sweet with a touch of lemon and an earthy flavour of the saffron. Also this amazing drink is a feast for the eyes – it’s unique golden sunny colour comes from our Conflictfood saffron. With this drink, summer returns – at least in you glas!

What you need for the saffron lemonade


200 g sugar

200 ml water

Juice of 5-6 lemons or 100 ml lemonjuice

0,2 g of Conflictfood saffron

1 tsp ground cardamom

a pinch of salt

a resealable bottle 

Makes 1/2 liters of sirup for approx. 4-5 liters of lemonade

Duration: approx. 20 minutes



Fill the water into a pot and together with the saffron threads, heat up gently. Like this, the saffron slowly releases its aroma and colour into the water. Add the sugar while stirring until its completely dissolved. Now, here comes the cardamom: slowly sprinkle the powder into the saffron water. Let it boil up briefly and then take the pot off the heat to let it cool down.Now you need the juice of 5-6 lemons. Slice them in half and squeeze them – done! In case you are in a hurry, just buy bottled lemon juice. Stirr the juice into the cooled saffron drink. Add a pinch of salt – et voilá – the lemonade sirup is ready to use!

Finally, fill the liquid in reusable glas bottles and cool them down. Inside the frigde it stays fresh for at least two weeks. You can serve the sirup with cold still water, soda or champagne – just as the fancy takes you!


The Conflictfood team wishes you ‘Cheers’!

You can buy our Saffron here

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