Snack-Attack: Saffron–Popcorn!

The popped corn is indispensable in the cinema – but for a year or two it has also been ‘popping’ into German kitchens more often. Popcorn is the new snack trend! Is it due to the many flavors, the lack of gluten or the charming sound in the pan? We do not know it exactly.

Also, the question of whether to enjoy it sweet or salty, splits the Conflictfood Team.

Because of this question, probably many couples have missed the movie because they couldn’t decide on a flavor. And how about you: Are you Team Salt or Team Sugar?

For both variants: Freshly popped is already half the battle. And with saffron, the queen of spices, every puffed corn becomes a hammer snack attack!



One handful of popcorn kernels

2 tbsp oil (i.e. sunflower oil)

1 tbsp olive oil or butter

2 tsp powdered sugar or 1 tsp salt

0,1 g Conflictfood Safran, freshly ground

1 big pot with a lid (i.e. a wok pan)


Preparation Time:

10 minutes



2 Portions


Mix the corn kernels well with the sunflower oil, spread them flat and evenly on the bottom of a large pot. A layer of grains is enough! Quickly put the lid on it, because immediately it will start making the following sounds: Ping! Peng! Popp!

Move the pot continuously, until the popping slowly decreases and stops. Now pick up the lid and add all the spices and oil / butter. Put the lid back on and shake and jiggle the pot until you feel like every puffed grain has been neatly dressed with the spice mixture.

Now, lift the gorgeous gold-colored popcorn from the pot into a bowl. You can also sort out any corn kernels that didn’t ‘pop’, they will all accumulate on the bottom of your pot.

Your snack attack is done – enjoy!

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