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  • The Saffron-Question: Real or Fake?

    An exotic spice, worth almost as much as gold, no wonder there is more cheating going on in saffron than almost any other product.

  • Back flips on the ruins of Kabul

    Something is changing in Kabul. A group of youngsters refuse to accept a status of unemployment and a hopeless future. The Kabul Parkour Boys – Afghan pioneers of the acrobatic type of sport called parkour…

  • Welcome to Herat – Pearl of Chorasan

    The famous poet Rumi himself was carried away by the beauty of the city Herat – it is not for nothing that he described her as „Pearl of Chorasan“. Nowadays there are only a few buildings left to tell us about the glorious past of Herat…

  • ‘A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive’

    At the centre of old Kabul, barely 100 meters away from the destroyed presidential palace, the pile of the National Museum is located …

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