Vinaigrette with Black Tea and Oranges

An article written by our guest author Selina Reusser

Why wait for the tea to steep if you can also just eat it?


First you boil the water, then you add the tea leaves, and then you let it steep – everyone can make tea, but did you know that you can also make an aromatic vinaigrette from your Conflictfood Black Tea ‘Silver Shan’? The easy and quick preparation of the vinaigrette gives your salads a fruity-spicy taste experience and shows you how diverse the use of tea can be!

Of course, we have already tried out the vinaigrette for you and wish you a lot of fun preparing it!


2 tsp Conflictfood Organic Black Tea ‘Golden Shan’
50 ml Water
2 Shallots
1 Garlic Clove (optional)
5 tbsp Olive Oil
Juice of an Orange
Juice of half a Lemon
Salt and Pepper
Honey or a sweetener of your choice (optional)
Salad herbs to decorate (optional)
Salad of your choice (optional with Cherry tomatoes)



Preparation time:

ca. 10-20 min



4 -6 Portions



First, you boil 50 ml of water. With the help of a sieve or a teabag, let the Conflictfood Organic Balck Tea ‘Silver Shan’ steep for about 10 minutes and then let it cool. You can also prepare your tea one day earlier so that it can cool overnight.Meanwhile, squeeze the orange and lemon and put the juice aside. Then you cut the shallots into very fine cubes and put them aside as well. If you like garlic, you can also add a garlic clove to your vinaigrette.Now you mix the tea with the orange juice and taste the mixture with lemon juice, salt, pepper and optionally honey and salad herbs. Finally, add the shallots and if preferred the garlic, and voilà – your vinaigrette is ready.

The Conflictfood Team wishes you ‘Guten Appetit’!

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