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Freekeh is an ancient grain first mentioned in a cookbook from Bagdad in the early thirteenth-century. It is a durum wheat, harvested young and roasted over an open fire. As the grain is still young and very moist, it does not burn. This process results in a delicious grain with a nutty and smoked flavour.

According to an old story, a village in the Eastern Mediterranean was afraid of being attacked and therefore decided to harvest and to store their crops early. Despite their efforts, the storage of green durum wheat was set on fire. But soon they discovered that the grain was not only still edible – it was actually very delicious! Later we found that this process in fact creates the high amount of nutrients in Freekeh! As harvested early, the amount of nutrients is higher than in a later period of ripening. Freekeh is a “nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for your health and well-being” – some even call it a superfood!It has several benefits and is unique in its high amount of fiber. It contains two times more than quinoa and even four times more than brown rice. Your daily intake of fiber should be 30 to 38 grams if you are a man and 21 to 25 grams for women. As Freekeh consists of up to 16,5% of fiber, it can surely boost your fiber intake!

Freekeh might not be well known here – yet. Neither is fiber recognized as a healthy and important nutrient. But still, they have an important influence on you and your body!

Fibers help you to keep a healthy body weight. They are filling and keep you full for a longer time. Additionally, fibers help controlling your blood sugar level by slowing down the absorption of sugar and they maintain your bowel health. In addition to that, Freekeh has a low glycemic index. This leads to carbohydrates being broken down and being absorbed slower, providing your body with longer lasting energy.It is also a good source of protein. Among other things, proteins are used by our bodies to produce enzymes and hormones. Your body cannot store proteins as it does with fat or carbohydrates. Therefore, it is important to have a regular intake. Freekeh contains 15,8 grams per 100 grams. In comparison with brown rice, which only contains 7,6 grams. Even though Freekeh is high on proteins, it is still low on fat, with less than 1 gram per 100 grams. On top of this, Freekeh is high on calcium, iron and zink

Preparing your dish with Freekeh is not complicated at all – you simply boil it in water! It takes about 40 minutes and only 20 minutes if your Freekeh is already grounded!

You can use it as a side dish instead of rice or make a soup, salad or stew! You can even use it for baking! There are numerous ways to prepare your dish with Freekeh. And all of them are delicious. Here you will find some recipes!Sources: ,

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